Bulova: state of the art

Bulova‘s Accutron watch has retained its popularity since its introduction in Nov 1960. The design of the watch was based on a timing device Bulova created for NASA satellites which eliminated the need for winding and ensured accuracy within one minute a month. Since then, the Accutron line has been expanded to include a variety of new designs including the Versailles Collection for women and the sporty Nantucket collection.

The story of Accutron by Bulova begins with America’s space race, during the 1950s and ’60s, when its revolutionary design caused a sensation in the market, and culminates with an exciting product collection that’s as popular today as when it was first introduced.

Accutron, unveiled in November, 1960, truly represented one of the great advances in the history of timekeeping. The invention was based on a timing device Bulova first developed for use in NASA satellites: a movement without springs or escapement was operated by an electronically activated tuning fork. Not only did this movement never need winding, but it carried an unprecedented guarantee of accuracy to within one minute a month.

Accutron itself reached the moon on July 12, 1969, when an Accutron timer was placed in the Sea of Tranquility to control vital data transmissions. It also made the trip into space a number of times, aboard Telstars I and II in 1962 and 1963, in the command pit of the first two-man Gemini spacecraft in 1965, on four succeeding Gemini launches, two Lunar Orbiters and finally, the Apollo spacecraft.

Since its introduction, Accutron has shifted from tuning forks to quartz, the next great advance of precision timekeeping. According to bulova automatic watch review, today’s Accutron watches are so superior technically that the company is able to extend a 25-year warranty.

Accutron is designed in America, using the finest Swiss quartz movements like citizens watch and handcrafted stainless steel cases. Watches use sapphire and hardened mineral crystals for scratch resistance, solid link, stainless-steel bracelets and bands of the finest leather.

Overseeing design and production of this line is Jack Davis, former president of Longines, and a 40-year watch industry veteran, who began his career as Bulova’s competitor and joined the company to head up the Accutron division a few years ago. He’s passionate about the product’s design and describes it as a ‘clean, uncluttered dial that flows effortlessly into the bracelet.’

Accutron has evolved to suit a wider audience, with many new styles, such as the elegant Versailles Collection, aimed at women. True to its adventurous roots, however, the Accutron retains its ruggedly sporty look, exemplified by the new Nantucket collection.

Reinforcing the Accutron image is a sharply focused advertising and marketing campaign, featuring ads in high-profile publications that identify the product with its signature tuning fork logo.

To further strengthen the brand’s appeal, prices have been adjusted for maximum impact in the $500-and-over range, allowing consumers the opportunity to own a timepiece of Accutron’s quality at an exceptional value.

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